Tony Moore is a small-town guy from Kentucky who was raised by a pack of wild televisions. He's been a fan of comics since before he could read, and has seldom dreamed of becoming anything other than a cartoonist. He started in the biz back in 1999 with his maiden voyage, Battle Pope. Since then, he's lent his hand to books such as Masters of the Universe, Brit, the Eisner Award-nominated series The Walking Dead, and his creator-owned books Fear Agent and The Exterminators. In recent years at Marvel, Tony has had the pleasure of getting to put his stamp on some wild runs on Ghost Rider, Punisher, Venom and Deadpool.
Justin Stewart is a graphic designer and illustrator who's done work for Disney, Marvel, Sony, Image Comics, and Graphitti Designs. Justin's latest book, ‘Bleed Leaders’ was successfully funded via Kickstarter and is now available! His previous book, 'Kentucky Kaiju', published by Apex Book Company, is an illustrated field guide to giant monsters that roam the Bluegrass state. Justin has worked with artist Jim Mahfood for over 10 years, coloring his art most recently on 'Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks' from Image Comics. He also worked with Jim on IDW's 'Miami Vice: Remix', Marvel's 'Howard the Human', and Image Comics 'Marijuanaman' with musician Ziggy Marley.
Mark Kidwell is an illustrator, comic book creator-writer and artist, special film effects designer and designer of custom fantasy gaming miniatures. Mark has created and worked on comic book series for Image Comics ('68, Creature From the Depths, Tyrannosaurus Rex), IDW Publishing (Gene Simmons House of Horrors), Fangoria Comics (Bump, Recluse) and Frazetta comics (Dark Kingdom, Freedom). His work on the long-running Vietnam Zombie series, "'68" has won various awards, with many issues selling out completely. Mark designed the infamous "Walrus" suits for Kevin Smith's over the top horror film, "TUSK", the "Meat Man" for Don Coscarelli's "John Dies at the End", the Hockey Gollum for Smith's "Yoga-Hosers" and many other horror film features. His most recent work can be found in the 80's throwback horror comic series, "RISING REBELS" and in the creature production designs for the upcoming Netflix series, "THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE".
Shawn Pryor is the writer of DIAMOND DOUBLE PLAY for Capstone, the 2019 GLYPH Nominated young adult sports comic FORCE, the middle-grade mystery series CASH & CARRIE, the monster-filled KENTUCKY KAIJU, and creator of LIFTED: OF GODS & THIEVES. He's also a podcaster, serving as host of The Black Box podcast from 2009-2016, and currently a co-host on the pop-culture and life podcast Culture Trappin', hosted by The Taylor Network, and the President of Creative Relations of Action Lab Entertainment.
Ken Kirk is an freelance artist, writer, and illustrator from Lexington KY. He's worked on a number of independently-created comic books including Slum Rising, and has written and co-created the comic book Warden's Watch. He's also created original artwork for podcasters and several start-up board games. Ken is available for commission artwork, character design and fan art of all shapes and sizes!
Tressina Bowling is a Kentucky born self-taught artist who excels in creating vibrant work with Copic markers, color pencils and watercolors. Her published work can be found in books for Aw Yeah Comics, Action Lab, Kentucky Kaiju and the newly released CASH + CARRIE Book 2. Click her picture to see her website!